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 On this page you will find some hand selected links to other websites that I find  fun, accessible and educational for the 3-4 year old age group.


At the bottom of the page I will share printable resources for your child to work through at home. Subjects will vary but include: handwriting, number work, sight word recognition and word work.

Check this page often to find new resources! Please feel free to share with Ms.Tessa any online resources that your family enjoys! 


Scholastic BookFlix

book flix.png

Enjoy a large variety of themed books from Scholastic. Read aloud or read from home option with follow up activities.


Pearson Mathology


Short maths stories to read and activities to help develop critical thinking, problem solving and math talk. Starts at kindergarten level.

Practical Life

Montessori Inspired Practical Life Checklist

Kindergarten Classroom

A brief overview of some practical life skills that are taught in the Montessori approach to education. Great preparation for Kindergarten!

Arts & Crafts

Make at Home Recipes


A great selection of some favorite slimes, goos and other goodies!

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